Design Drawing Deck Cargo Barge – 270FT X 70FT X 16FT (Model B)


This product consist of Design Drawing for manufacturing a Deck Cargo Barge with dimensional size: Length 270 FT x Width 70 FT x Height 16 FT and 10FT Side board height

Design Drawing Deck Cargo Barge (Ship Size: 270FT X 70FT X 16FT)

With Side board height - 10FT (Design Model B)

This product consist of Ship drawing for manufacturing a Deck Cargo Barge with dimensional size: Length 270 FT x Width 70 FT x Height 16 FT and 10FT Side board height.

This package is a good items to get knowledge on designing and fabricating a Deck Cargo Barge Ship. Having this items you will get more reference on a Structural and all aspect that required, without having to go into a ship company to find the data.

What is include in this Design?

This pack contains design drawing that required for approval to classification body. And below are list of items that are include:

Fittings Drawing:
  • EYE LUG (for tire fender)

This ship design drawing are fabrication ready and all Drawing were extracted directly from CAD drawing into pdf files, and if this drawings is required on use, what is needed is adding Company name and logos inside the Title Colom at the bottom left of the Drawing. Adding this Company name and logos can be done by using Adobe Acrobat Software.

Major update on the drawing is not recommended, minor update might possible by updating Plate thickness, Angle type, H-Beam size, Round bar size, or adjust Outfitting position. However, downgrade material usage is not recommended, and may cause rejection by client/owner and classification body.

For drawing update purpose, this pdf files could be easily convert back into CAD using Pdf to CAD converter/online converter.

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What is this Design drawing used for?

  1. For Study or reference, maritime is a good subject to studied and offer a good career prospect. a commercial maritime has wide range of aspect and always has a fast moving environment. However learning this subject from the text books is a hard process and time consuming. A better and faster ways to learn is by collecting all job ready reference on this fields, then gain knowledge from the applicative aspect more than from the theorical aspect.
  2. For bidding/job offering, there is a lot of job offering in this steel work fields from main contractor/owner to a sub contractors, this contractual jobs offered could be structural fabrication, welding processing, painting and blasting, piping installation, electrical installation, mechanical installation, repairs and maintenance, cleaning services, etc. to cope this offer this drawing is needed beside detail pricing, and job scope.
  3. On actual production this pdf drawing is required to submit to classification body, port registration body, insurance company, and client for review.
  4. For development MTO (material take order requirement), this pdf files should convert back into CAD using Pdf to CAD converter, then re-scale it in to actual dimensional size. so that all total length of beams, angle bar, flat bar, round bar and pipes, can be measured, and also total width and length of the plate can be measured.
  5. This design drawing shall also need to issue to fabrication yard, beside welding schedule drawing and WPS
  6. Ship repair processing, during ship repairing process, Shell Expansion and Transversal section drawing will needed to identify repairing area/cropping area. for this pdf files should convert back into CAD using Pdf to CAD converter.
  7. For sailing purpose, beside this drawing, new drawing might need to provide, for example navigation arrangement drawing, ship particulars, final stability book, etc.
  8. This drawing also needed when there is requirement to develop 3D design, CNC cutting for brackets/stiffeners or making ship stability booklets.

What is a Deck Cargo Barges?

Deck barges are the work horses of marine transport. They are in common use all around the world for the carriage of bulk cargo, general cargo and containers in both international and domestic trades.


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